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Brad Childress press conference: 11-3-05

Brad Childress press conference: 11-3-05

On why the offense has been so streaky this year: "You wish you could bottle it when you are rolling, but I think it's a matter of everyone making the routine plays routinely. That routine play can be a block, catch, throw, route conversion, just the things that you are supposed to do all the time.

 You can't really pinpoint one area that gets you off-kilter, but on offense all 11 guys need to do the right thing. On defense, every now and then, somebody can do something. Someone is hustling and makes a play from the backside. You miss something on the backside, it could be irreverent." On whether QB Donovan McNabb is healthy enough to get the job done: "I think it remains to be seen this... Recommended Stories

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