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Brad Childress Press Conference : 11-11-05

Whether he has to readjust the offense with WR Terrell Owens not being here: "I don't think you really need to readjust it. I would say that you are attacking the defense that you see with the plays that attack that defense. There is going to be another guy in there, I think [WR] Reggie [Brown] will do a great job of attacking those defenses. Really you are calling it scheme wise, he may be the first look or the last look, but you are attacking a scheme."

On how nerve racking it is having a new center in Jamaal Jackson who has never played an NFL game before: "It can't be nerve racking, the fundamental center-quarterback exchange always rings home to you the first practice of the year and there is a ball on the ground from that exchange. You are thinking about scheme, the play, who is supposed to be doing what and sometimes you forget about... Recommended Stories

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