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Jim Johnson press conference: 9-22-05

On what QB Kerry Collins brings to the Raiders: "He has a strong arm. Kerry has always been known as a guy that can throw the ball deep. He's 6'5" and can throw the ball deep. Now he is an experienced quarterback who has been playing for years, so a lot of things you show him, he has seen before. He brings experience and a good arm."

On whether playing the Eagles a bunch previously gives Collins an advantage: "Well, I think he has an advantage because he is 6'5", has a big arm and the team likes to throw the ball down the field. He kind of knows us too, I'm sure of that. But, so does [Raiders head coach] Norv Turner. We've gone against Norv a lot of times, so he kind of knows us too. We kind of know Norv as well, so... Recommended Stories

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